UK Laptop flight Ban

UK laptop flight ban has been going on since march causing really varied opinions from the netizens

In an article recently published , a UK and US flight ban on laptops has accruedthe UK laptop flight ban has been so ridiculously spurred by netizens around the world smartphones are also part of the UK Laptop flight ban

This Ban is mostly coming from flights from the middle east.

Many netizens were surprised in the rage of the news, desperately seeking for justifiable explanations in a time where travel is not spelled out completely without gadgets and travel gears.

In today’s article, we are going to delve deeper into this subsisting topic that has soured the emotions of travel geeks and gadgets fanatic’s alike.

As we all are aware, devices used during flights are the must have of this years’ generations. In a time, where taking flights to another country means spiritual enlightenment, people still feel the need to bring their devices with them in order to connect with their loved ones, but at the pains of the news of this ban, flights aren’t as happy anymore.

We will now, unravel some of the rumors and the real news and demystify this flight laptop ban.

According to this article, the banned devices are the following,




The banned articles are the following,

  • Laptops
  • Tablets/Kindles
  • E-readers
  • Portable DVD players
  • Electronic game units larger than a smartphone
  • Travel printers/scanners


This UK laptop flight ban is actually one of those instances where travelers and business men alike are restrained from bringing in new gadgets into the airport of destinations.

In another article, we can see that people can still bring their smartphone, the UK airlines that are affected are In the UK, passengers travelling on the following airlines from the listed countries will not be allowed to carry large electronic items in their cabin luggage:

  • British Airways
  • Easyjet
  • com
  • Monarch
  • Thomas Cook
  • Thomson


Overseas airlines affected are: Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airways, Atlas-Global Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Egyptair, Royal Jordanian, Tunis Air, Saudia


Reports have suggested that this can also be expanded to the entire European continent.

Some of the reasons why there is a ban on electronics and gadgets can be outlined in another article entitled  which stated and we quote “US Department from Homeland Security cited “the 2015 airliner downing in Egypt; the 2016 attempted airliner downing in Somalia; and the 2016 armed attacks against airports in Brussels and Istanbul” as evidence that terrorist organizations are smuggling explosives inside electronic devices. A spokesperson from Number 10 stated that the UK have been “in close touch” with the US during the decision-making process.”

This flight ban has gained tremendous opinions bad and good.

What makes this ban so special is its specificity of object of formulation.

So this will entail, a prejudice as to flights coming from the middles eats.

Most pressing concerns are centered in whether this ban will be lifted any earlier time soon.

As for now, many speculations have come out and most of these speculations are spurring the internet, a ban is a ban, whether a laptop or a gadget is banned, has definitely some important reasons why it has to be done. So travelers must follow this ban in order to avoid security problems. Stay safe and safe flights everyone.



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