There are reasons why we want to travel, ranging from self- love to self-discovery.

In this article, we will discover some of the best reasons why we need to travel. And ultimately, why we can save more time travelling than not travelling, and traveling than buying more.

Travel gives a sense of purpose. When you are stuck with the daily reality of work, the daily grind and the difficulties of life, I guess you just want to have some time for yourself where you can assess all of your life principles.

Furthermore, traveling offers a wide variety of diversion.

In this fast paced world, where everything is measured by deadlines and due dates, where everything is valued for how much they cost and not for what’s their worth. We tend to be overwhelmed by societal pressures and expectations to work hard and reap better paying jobs. When we cannot live to this promise and expectations, we feel drained. We begin to compares ourselves to others. Then we begin to lose track of what’s more important, our inner balance, and our child spirit. When that balance is gone, and when what is left is a stressed out body and soul, we begin to become irritated and depressed.

Travelling offers this healing. In fact, this world is full of mythical legends and wonderful views, and new beautifully crafted stories and places that can help us renew our perceptions about life.

Travelling is a healing way to get off from the harsh realities of life, when you are in a remote place far from the place where you have always woken up to, you begin to rekindle the child that is in you. The kind of wanderlust that fills your human body.

When you are far from the source of your stress, you begin to feel new energy to fill your ravishing hungry soul.

Travelling is also a better alternative to controlling your shopping and hoarding disorders.

Yes it is very understandable that some of us might be diagnosed with a personality disorder that we cannot control, but some of us, even if we do not have this, are just so obsessed with buying things and feeling a self-worth every time we buy an expensive wallet or a very famous scarf or a branded shirt. Let’s face it, each one us is guilty about this and because we are guilty, we tend to divert our loneliness to material things hoping that they will fill the emptiness we feel because of so many societal expectations and pressures we put in ourselves, all of us are  guilty but yet all of us are victims.

So, instead of fighting the urge to buy that new black dress or that dazzling pair of boots. Why not give in to the temptation of travelling to a new place and also try new things and activities.

Ask yourself, where would I want to go if I follow my guts? Will eating gelato in the streets of Italy, taking a swim in the beaches of the Philippines or enjoying a nightlife in the beautiful streets of hongkong give me the peace I long.

Travelling lets you discover yourself. Cut and away from all those distraction and busy life lights. Travelling gives you the way to unlock personalities that are actually helpful in making you know who you really are.

It makes you begin to discover that you might be really an impatient person when your flight gets delayed, something you would not know when you are just working because you are too afraid of your boss opinions towards your difficult behavior.

Or it might show how strong you care for yourself by realizing that during your travel intervals, you always look after yourself and care for your own safety.

It also allows you to miss the people you love, or your lover, who knows it might even be a way to realize your feelings towards someone, and their impact to you, if they don’t matter, you won’t be thinking so much about them, while you already relish in the beauty of the views before your eyes.

It also shows you how awesome just the world is, with different cultures, personalities and behaviors that surround the beauty of our planet.

At the end, travelling is for you, It is the treat you give yourself for being the awesome human being that you are, as a daughter/son, mother/Father and friend to the people you share your breaths in this world with. So, while you are young and strong, you should travel more.



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