Travel Backpack Essentials

We always look for a buddy bag to bring with us and todat we provide to you a list of your travel backpack essentials to bring with you. So read on.

Almost each one of us want to go somewhere, we have our own preferences and we always want to experience new things. Some would want to go to Europe, others to Asia, and some to the wild and beautiful Africa, wherever it is we go, as human beings that we all are, we all want to bring some personal stuff and necessities during our travel especially those things that can give us comfort when we have to face delayed connecting flights, long queues or simply long travels somewhere. And sometimes we just don’t have any idea what we want and need to bring g. This line gets blurred. We then begin asking ourselves, should I bring a mug or a plastic bottle? Should I bring this memento from my mother or discard it altogether? Should I bring 100 socks or just 1 or none? Well to remedy these repeated questions in your head. We have compiled a list of all the things you really should have in your backpack, as we all know, you can’t just learn enough, even if it seems to be  your 100th travel already, you will always forget to bring something or always end up bringing something you have no idea why you brought in the first place.

So let us begin with the most important thing;


For some of you, you could bring an alternative if you are not a fan of backpack, you could bring a tote bag, a shoulder bag, or a sports bag that you can bring to carry on. It is always safe to bring a carry on friendly bag in order to avoid being stopped at inspection or having to pay a greater fine in the airport service.

Whether you choose to bring a purse, backpack or tote bag, the first thing you have to remember is the quality of the bag. Is it waterproof? Does it have all good zippers/ does it not break easily? Is the bag’s exterior durable? All these considerations must come to mind. You should also think about its size, is it’s large as your checked-in luggage/ If it is, better find a smaller one that follows the standard carry on size. Don’t forget to research the preferred check in size for your flight.

But why is carrying a backpack or a carry-on bag important?

Well because it usually must contain all the important belongings and property you do not want to risk losing in your checked in luggage such as money, credit cards, gadgets and personal stuff that you cannot live travelling without.

Now that you have your backpack/bag ready we are all set to list what you should put inside your backpack.


Yes. You travel because you have enough money with you to spend for a night in a fine hotel or in a beautiful tourist spot in your country of destination. So you really need to bring your money and new currency with you because it is impossible to become a tourist without bringing a cent of money with you. Money can actually allow you to purchase other things you need for yourself in that country. So better keep them near you and keep them safe. You don’t want to fall in the trap of being robbed off your precious shillings.



You could not forget placing this in your backpack as this means all the world to you as a traveller. These are your magic pills to bring you to the country you want to go to, to transport you safely and under legal terms. You sure do not want to become an illegal tourist, and you cannot afford to lose them if you want to save yourself from the hassles of losing an identity in a foreign country and having to go through the hectic process of going to your country’s embassy, wasting many precious days you could have spent swimming on the beaches or having a night out in the resto and bars.


The long time it takes to go through delayed flights and connecting flights and long queues plus the number of actual hours you have to spend sitting there in the airplane seat must really tire your head and soul. So it is best to bring a handy neck pillow anywhere you go as this will give you more comfort and it will make your waiting more fun and memorable. It helps allow you to doze off or catch a nap and you don’t have to lie down on  the floor or on a bench, you just have to rest your head backwards a little bit and you are all set to nap. Sounds great right? It is!


This one is essential. It will save you a lot of money purchasing airport waters that cost millions. Yes they are so expensive even when they are so small;  So when you get thirsty you can just grab your mini water bottle and chug on. Of course you have to check the size of your container, make sure you bring the preferred and allowable bottle size or else airport authorities will confiscate it. Bring a mini one that you can always refill whenever you have connecting flights and you can refill when you are inside the plane just chilling and thirsty.


The temperature in airplanes can really crack your lips and the long hours spent there could add to all the troubles, so it is best to bring a small lip balm handy just in case you want to avoid cracked and dry lips. Seriously who wants to have dry lips. As a traveller, you always want to look good in your selfies, so better check on those lips and apply lip balm as often as necessary.


These are your best friends when you want to take photos of you enjoying the sunset view or having fun in a beautiful famous park. So always bring your gadgets, but don’t bring many of them as this is a lot of stress. Just bring your handy camera and a phone. But if you are working well,you could also bring you laptops with you. Don’t forget the selfie stick as this will allow you to capture the moments more. And gadgets are also helpful to give you direction or to let you contact your family whom you miss whenever you are in a foreign country.


With all the online dictionaries available today, nothing can beat up a printed dictionary as this will give you available assistance all the time you need to translate something to the language of the country you are touring. And don’t forget to bring a dictionary in your backpack, that is mini and handy, you do not want to add weight to your backpack as this is difficult and uncomfortable. Also ensure that the dictionary contains your language and the language of your country of destination for you to make it more essential and useful.

Lastly, bring the wander luster in you and your open mind. When your backpack is all set for your next travel, always bring these characteristics with you as they will help you go a long a way in appreciating your travels more and in understanding the culture of that foreign country more.

Always be amazed of the beauty that travelling will give you. These essentials will make your travelling life easier and fun. Be a wander luster and be open-minded all of the time. No excuses. Remember you’re setting foot in a new territory so alien to you, then just be accepting. Remember, they accepted you, you should too, if you want to experience a fun and everlasting joy with travelling.



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