Muslim prayer times; a call to prayer, a call to faith

Children doing some muslim prayer time for their obligation

Today, we tackle Muslim Prayer times, as one mode of spiritual growth in the Muslim community. Prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is the obligation of each Muslim and it represents his/her submission to God. When you submit to your creator, it is believed that you also attain eternal rewards. However, Islam denotes a religion of peace and love that is why many Muslim scholars believed that when a Muslim submits, he has done so out of love and remembrance of the one great creator, Allah.

Muslim prayer times are important to a muslim believer, That is why Salah or prayer is so significant that it has all the prayer times that must be followed. Salah in Islam is an extraordinary obligation. It connects man to his creator, connects the believer to his God. Through the consensus of his mind and body. In Muslim prayer, the Muslim becomes a fully pledged believer and submits himself to his creator.


Before the prayer is offered, a Muslim ensure in one’s self that all the necessary requirements and conditions pertaining to Salah is met .

Before Salah is performed in its designated muslim prayer times, we need to ensure the right clothing. For men, it is obligatory to cover their body from belly button till knees. The females should cover their physique from head to toe except for their face and hands. The clothing must be neat and clean, not body fitted and not too loose. On their period, women are free from the obligation to offer salah as they are exempted.



Wherever the person is, she or he can face Allah in his deepest prayers. Prophet Mohammad once said “All the parts of the world is given to me  as a prayer place, clean, and peaceful and pure.”

It is very delightful that the prayer is offered together in a congregation. Face the qiblah if you are performing salah.

To gather all Muslims, in their call to prayer, the adhan is performed. The muezzin shall stand facing qiblah and raises his hands and point his fingers placed on opposite ears and recites the adhan in a loud voice.

So we now uncover the Hours designated in these muslim prayer times.

Every prayer must be offered and performed in its own time that is why there must be muslim prayer times accordingly separated throughout the day. The prayer cannot be performed before its designated time. .There are 5 designated Muslim prayer time that every Muslim must perform within a day. These are the following:

FAJR- The onset on early dawn and before the sun rises.

ZUHR- In-between few moments after noon time and before the coming of the ASR prayer.

ASR-From the center afternoon and before the sun sets.

MAGRIB- A few brief moments after the sun sets until the darkness comes.

ISHA- In the coming of dark and before FAJR prayer comes.


The prayer time for Muslims is so important that it is so entwined with their existence.A woman praying performing muslim prayer time

The prayer is part of Fardh (obligatory prayer) and Sunnah (voluntary) prayer. The prayer of fardh is performed 5 times throughout the day. The Sunnah prayer is composed of the additional prayers that the Prophet Muhammad SAW peace be upon him always do before and after the Salah obligatory.

It is believed that a true believer is someone who can perform salah every day, otherwise there is a high moral duty to do it.

  1. Have a goal in mind during these muslim prayer times. (thoughts that are not recited) intention to offer the Muslim prayer if it is the obligatory Muslim prayer time or if it is a Sunnah prayer, voluntary.
  2. Face the qiblah, and then raise your hands in the same level of your shoulders and ears while reciting the TAKBIRATUL  IKLAAM,

At this realization, it is said that Muslim sod not pray for the benefit of Allah , but because God has commanded them to do so and because they believe that they obtain greater benefit in doing so.

Muslims must be clean before they pray. They make sure of this by performing ritual washing called wudhu before the each designated muslim prayer times.Mosques have washing facilities.  Prayer also repel the evil deed and the good deeds get a lot of rewards.

To understand that there is a dynamics of this prayer time for Muslims, then here is a chart to explain in detail the muslim prayer times stated.


The chart down below gives the each salah and fardh as a muslim prayer times.


TIME: Dusk to dawn

To read the al fatiha and other surah in the first two rak’a loudly


TIME: in between few moments after non before the start of ASR prayer.

Recital of al fatiha and other surah in the first two rak’a silently

  1. SALATUL ASR: 4 rak’a

Time: In The middle of afternoon before the sun sets

Recital of al fatiha and other surah in the first two rak’a silently

  1. SALATUL MAGRIB: 3 rak’a

TIME: Few moments after the sun sets till nighttime.

Recital of the Al Fatiha and other Surahs in the first two rak’as loudly in this muslim prayer times.

  1. SALATUL ISHA: 4 Rak’as

Time: At the onset of night and before the prayer time for FAJR comes.

Recital of the Al Fatiha and other Surahs loudly during this muslim prayer times.

At the understanding of this process called muslim prayer times, a Muslim must perform certain steps to perfect his Fardh and this must be done so with a pure heart, clean body and soul. That is why Wudhu is performed before the prayer in order to make this experience a truly meaningful one, so that this muslim prayer times will be also joyous and fulfilling for a muslim.

A lot of critics say that a proof of God must come with an empirical and structural bases in order to enjoy divine experience, but it is like saying that the blind man cannot see just because his eyes are not functioning.  It is like saying that seeing is the only thing that justifies that blind man’s human existence.

And that all of his other physical characteristics begins to disappear. So this Muslim prayer, is a time for man to connect at a level unknown to his or her physical sense. This is a time where man seeks for the truth within, it is just like yoga in India or mediation or even the concept of enlightenment for the Buddhist. Just like any other religion, or sectarian belief, the Muslim call to prayer sets a time to make the body in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

Prayer is one of the most influential root that sets the unbeliever distinct from a follower. When you follow, you merely know what the rules and obligations are without necessarily having to perform them, but if you are a believer you perform these without having to be complied. That is Islam.





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