Jet Lag symptoms and jetlag homeopathic remedies

Have you ever experienced jet lag and jet lag symptoms? But what is it exactly and how do you ensure that you get the right remedies. To start off, jetlag according to science is the extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across several time zones.

So jetlag’s can only be felt if one travels and if one travels abroad. jet lag symptoms can be tricky so find out what they are today

The severity of jet lag symptoms can vary from one person to another, and it can also vary depending on the length of time spent on air or of crossing multiple time zones in a given short period of time.

When you feel dizzy or tired but cannot sleep, you are probably experiencing one of the jet lag symptoms of jet lag and most of the times, the symptoms do not go away and can disturb your normal sleeping patterns.

Jet lag symptoms  are really irritating as you will get side effects that you would not want to experience especially if they are the very reason why you chose to travel. Jet lag Symptoms like headache are a daily symptom in your stressful life at work, but now you are getting them, or nausea is something you want to get rid of, but because of jet lag, they keep distracting you from enjoying your one time travel happiness.

Or sleep disturbances are normal in your daily grind, but because you have jetlag, you suddenly have them, silly they were exactly what you were trying to escape form, and now they haunt you. So to be enlightened and have a deeper understanding of these symptoms and of this phenomenon, let us discuss jet lag today.

Why does jet lag occur?

First let us look at how jetlags came to be and why they occur as a natural phenomenon known to man’s changing physiological body clock.

Accordingly based on the Oxford dictionary, a jet lag, is well, this is the feeling of being tired and slightly confused after a long plane journey, especially when there is a big difference in the time at the place you leave and that the place you arrive in.

More so, it can have serious long term effects if not treated well. For most people, they don’t really consider jet lags as dangerous but it can be depending on your bodies’ tolerance and immunity.

Signs and symptoms of a jet lag

Now what are some signs and symptoms that you are having jetlag?

  1. Disturbed sleep at prolonged periods of timeone of tje known jet lag symptoms is lethargy

When your natural body clock is affected, you can almost have a hard time trying to reset back to your normal sleep pattern, so when you try to sleep and you always wake up every hour or every two hours, it could mean a very bad thing for your health as you are experiencing jetlag.

  1. Headacheheadache is also one jet lag symptom that you have to watch for

When your body tries to decipher the normal new time pattern, your brain also tries its hardest to process the body clock changes of your body, so you might feel recurring headaches from the trial that your brain is undergoing to meet the changing body clock needs of your body.

  1. Lethargy

Ever felt tired despite getting 10 straight hours of sleep? Ever felt restless and cannot work normally? Well your energy is eaten up by the confused body changes happening to meet the natural body clock and so your energy get deviated and you begin to feel lethargic with puffy eyes and aching bones.

  1. Insomniawhen you have insomnia you will also know that this is a jet lag symptoms

As the same with disturbed sleep , you might feel insomnia and gets difficulty sleeping add that up to the fact that you can stay late at night even if your brain tiredly wants to rest but your body does not respond causing your dark circles and ugly eye bags.

  1. Stomach problemsanother jet lag symptoms is having recurring stomachache

You can also experience stomach problems such as diarrhea and constipation.

So if you find yourself fresh from travelling and you are already having difficulty getting that poop out, well congratulations, you have gotten the infamous jetlag.

  1. Mood changeswhen your mood is changing that also means you may have jet lag symptoms

Your mood also changes. So if you feel like you are always irritated and unable to save a happy face, you have finally gotten into jetlag land and this also disables you to work normally and it makes you a difficult person to go by.

Your concentration is loosened and your irritability is heightened, therefore making your mood change from happy to doom.

But worry not, as we will also give you some easy and helpful remedies to counter the jetlag experience and give you the more happy travel experience you all crave for. Today we give you how to get rid of jetlags naturally.

Getings rid of jetlags naturally

Some remedies are easy to do, like homeopathy but the best way is to treat the jet lag symptoms at its onset and it is a very natural remedy too. So we will now discuss, how to get rid of jetlag naturally. The best natural remedies are the following:

According to , there are some natural remedies for jetlag symptoms such as but not limited to: melatonin- or a hormone produced in a tiny gland called the pineal gland in the brain. It can give high level of brain activity and induces sleep. While melatonin is available over-the-counter in the USA, you’ll need a prescription to get it in Britain.

Next is the remedies posted by which states that one should not drink coke, coffee, tea and to not sleep during the day including not eating the airplane food and not eat at 4pm.

Jet lag homeopathic remediestoday we give you the natural remedy to rid of jet lag symptoms fast

But the most effective and well talked of remedies are the natural remedies called homeopathy. Jet lag homeopathic is a kind of natural remedy that allows you to get rid of jetlag naturally.  But let us first take a look at the natural remedy for jetlag more. Let us ask,

What is homeopathy? Well it is the treatment of disease by minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of disease.

So basically, you are getting in doses of pills or tablets and medicinal products to help ease your symptoms fast and give you comfort.

The best homeopathic remedies against jet lag

Some of the best products there is are the following;


This product can be bought at and the following are its description:

6×30 tab homeopathic jet lag remedy is a combination for the temporary relief of the disruptions in circadian rhythm and fatigue associated with jet lag from flying and the symptoms of insomnia exhaustion. Its weight and features are the following: weight 91 grams

Units 30.00 tablets brand is jet zone homeopathic

Some of the pros and cons of this product are the following:

  • that there is a difference in their sleeping patterns after drinking this medicine
  • The brand has quick delivery system and it actually works for some people

If you find their description at amazon, they have a 3.6 rating out of five stars. It is an excellent jetlag prevention

The cons are the following:

  • Some people did not find it useful as it did not world for them
  • It is quite expensive to use for a one timer travel and


The next product is the HELIOS HOMEOPHATY which is priced at 5.95 pounds and offers free delivery in the UK area.

This is a combination of ingredients said to give homeopathic relief from the symptoms of temporary sleep disturbances.

Some of its pros are the following:

  • It resets sleeping patterns effectively especially for twenty year old people.
  • It also does not have any side effects that are bad.

Its cons are, some people took it for 3 weeks but it did not work for them and it only fits certain young ages to be effective.


The next product is the no-jet –lag homeopathic jet lag prevention which consist about 24.99 pounds and is enough for multiple flights and is a natural solution which is consists of all natural ingredients

The pros for the way on how to use this product are:

  • It automatically removes jet lag for some people
  • It has good moderation effect on the extremes of long haul jet lag.

The cons however are:

  • It is very expensive and it does not ship to some countries other than the United Kingdom.

The last product featured is the 1 ABOVE ANTI JET LAG FLIGHT DRINK TABLETS for prevention and relief from travel fatigue which costs around 19.97 pounds  and is composed of pycogenol, a natural bark extract which research has shown reduces the length of jet lag symptoms by 53.8%.

Some of its pros are:

  • It makes the body adjust to the long haul of flights
  • It gives more energy for those who drank it and it makes people drinking it feel productive all day despite travel flights.

However the cons are, it is undrinkable for some, because it comes with no directions on its intake and how often it should be taken, so it does not feel comfortable as it has a weird taste.

So these some of homeopathic remedies you can try to lessen the jetlag burden that are currently experiencing. It is better try some and adjust to the produce that best work for you than suffer in vain and not get right sleeping patterns for to the cost of crossing multiple time zones. And you don’t want hate traveling just because jet lag symptoms come in the way.

These natural homeopathic remedies for jetlag can really spell the difference between a good travel and worst travel experience. It will also save you up from the depressing and happiness curtailing jet lag symptoms that could just ruin a perfect paradise vacation when travelling.

So be sure, to try one of these and pack your bags and bringing these as these are your life savers on cold nights and heavy sighs. Travelling should always come as an approach to be happier and merrier, but when jetlag gets in the way, everything seems to be thwarted and dismantled for a while. When you try these products and see what product best fits for your body needs, do not forget to comment on this section and raise awareness about jet lag symptoms and jet lag homeophatic.

You can also purchase and learn more about these products for natural remedies for jet lags on

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