Filipino Travel Agency in London

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Ever thought of visiting the beautiful archipelagic islands of the Philippines? Stretching in about 7000 plus islands and an archipelago, with its pristine beaches and natural islands, Philippines can be one of your next travel destinations. Today we are going to uncover some Filipino travel agency in London to the Philippines and we will also show you the Philippine visa requirements if you are residing in the United Kingdom and decide to visit the magical and tropical Philippine country. There are numerous flight destinations and services that you can avail of such Philippine package tours and Philippine package travels that are not that much expensive. There are many cheap flights to manila that can also connect you to some other flights to other beautiful and famous islands such as Aklan and Palawan. Let us take a look at some of these Filipino travel agency in London then and see what’s the best travel deals you can find today.   Our first introduction is the celestial travel & tours ltd, as according to their website, they are  a Filipino travel agency in London which started operating in April 2002. Based in Victoria London. They can fly you to Boracay, Cebu Bacolod and Palawan, they are an IATA accredited agency and they are also providing extensive travel advice and services to world-wide-destinations. They too do have package tours to major domestic points in the Philippines as stated. The next Filipino travel agency in London  is a Philippine travel agency from UK . They offer tickets to Cebu straight from London for only 489 pounds per person. They are also an IATA and atoll protected travel agency. So you can ensure quality and trustworthy services. The next find is the Filipino travel agency in London called  the Mabuhay travel, they are acclaimed for their name mabuhay as “mabuhay” originates from the root word ‘buhay’ which refers to ‘life’ in Tagalog. And according to their website they will give the best options available with regards to flight services. This travel agency also offers many flight destinations to choose from such as Bacolod, Busuanga, Butuan, Cagayan De Oro, Caticlan, Cebu, Clark, ,Cotabato, Davao, Dipolog,Dumaguete,General Santos, Iloilo, Kalibo ,Laoag, Legazpi, Manila, Naga, Ozamis, Puerto princesa, Roxas, Tacloban, Tagbilaran, Tugegarao, And Zamboanga. This travel agency also has many hot deals and special offers going on right now. They are located at 38 riding house street, London, w1w 7es, United Kingdom.   Our last introduction is the Gifto travel, a Filipino travel agency in London that has been in the industry since 1967 and is located in 31 euston road NW1, united kingdom and according to their website, they have 49 years of trading & a multi-lingual team, the quality, the innovation and the flexibility of the services they provide to customers constantly grows from strength to strength. They are an IATA and ABTA certified and they fly with various airlines to wit, emirates, right now they have special offers for flights to manila from London for the low price of 381 pounds.   Pinoy travel has been but a pleasure as we uncover the Philippine embassy requirements and Philippines immigration forms According to this site, The following are the minimum requirements for applying a temporary visitor’s visa: Passport/travel document valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines; Duly accomplished visa application forms; Passport photos (2 pieces); Proof of bona fide status as tourist or businessman; Confirmed tickets for return or onward journey to the next port of destination; and Payment of visa fees   You also need to fill up some Philippine immigration form and extension forms if you wish to extend your stay. According to the Applications can be filed either in person or by post. Forms are available at the Philippine embassy or can be downloaded from the forms page. Walk-in applicants can file their applications during embassy office hours: 9a.m. To 5p.m. Mondays thru Fridays, except during Philippine national holidays and UK bank holidays. Moreover, the visa fee is gbp 28.00 for British passport holders and processing time can reach two to three days maximum. if you file by post you can address your application on the visa section  Philippine embassy, 6-8 Suffolk street,London,SW1Y 4HG. More so, British passport holders stay in the Philippines for 30 days without visa provided that they hold valid tickets for the return journey to port of origin or next port of destination and that they hold valid passports.

Travel accessories

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Travel accessories make travelling more meaningful and joyous. It gives convenience and happiness. So that we all know Traveling has been the trend and together with its trending status in today’s generations, there are travel accessories that go with it. People of all ages and cultures, will always bring some handy accessories that make their traveling fun and exciting. We cannot stress out how important travel accessories are to both men and women, they do not just provide convenience when you travel, but these travel accessories are also important in making your flights and journeys worthwhile. Sometimes, bringing the right travel accessories will spell the difference between n enjoyable travel  and a worst travel nightmare. Or in order to save yourself from the horrors of a travel gone wrong, read our article in order to pack these travel accessories in your luggage and don’t forget to out a name tag on all your luggage packages. What are travel accessories? Travel accessories are the things we bring that accentuate our travel life and also adds comfort and ease to our long stretches of travel go to. It can vary from one person to another, what might be nice and pretty travel accessory for someone might not be good for someone else. So our tastes always differ based on personal needs and wants and wishes on that perfect travel experience. To start off, travel accessories can be categorize into gears, techy stuff and fashion stuff. For both men and women, travel accessories that are techy are our gadgets. Let us admit it, we cannot stress how much important smartphones and other electronics are in our travels. As creatures who like to embed and keep memories with us, we always want to capture the moment of lightness and ease in our travels so we bring gadgets such as photographic devices like cameras, and smartphones that has both cameras and messaging system. The most widely used travel accessories when it comes to travel gadgets are the smartphones as they serve all in one, communication device and automatic friendly user device which allows us to use GPS, Google maps, use apps for translating languages, and we sue for capturing moments an also for using social media sites and getting informed of the latest daily news while we are on the grind of travelling. When it comes to electronics, we have laptops and cameras too. Add the headset and head phones we can use if we want to unwind when we are on que at airports or terminals. It’s our travel stress reliever. Cameras are also very popular with travelers as they capture the perfect photo bliss and keeps our memories for good forever. When it come s travel accessories that are gears, most travelers use Gpro or underwater devices that can capture the beauty of the underwater experience. It also provides adequate and comfortable access to camera tools without the fear of dropping it on water as it is water tolerant and resistant unlike smartphone that has to be handled with so much acre. Other travel gears are adopters that can make your smartphones or other electronics be compatible with the voltage system in different countries. Always go for the flexible ones, yes they may cause you some money but they are better than not being able to use your electronics in a new country because of its inability to be compatible with the voltage need . So find an adopter that is compatible with any voltage system, but don’t bring the very large ones, as you will have problems with security and also always bring the handy ones that can fit in your travel luggage and travel wallets. This type of travel gears as accessories can really make you at ease and happy as it gives you peace of mind and it will ensure that you are well ready for the variegated travel experience. For the fashion side of travel accessories, we have some travel accessories for men and women and we will categorize that accordingly. First let us discuss travel accessories for men. What should men wear as travel accessories to feel comfortable and trendy at the same time and of course to look good at photos. One, is the all time loved, travel hats for men. If you are in love with the idea of strolling in a new park of a new country, you have got to bring a hat to protect your self from the blazing heat brought about global warming and it will also look you more Masculine and paparazi ready. Next travel accessories for me it is essential to have sunglasses, that way you can cover your eyes from the extreme effect of the sun as there are countries that are too tropical and really challenging. It will also make you look cameras ready whenever you want to take the perfect selfie shot of you. Then the last travel accessory for men are watches that are both resistant to extreme water and heat. You always need to have a watch to know the time when you lost and idle in the travel moment and to always know what time you are going to head on to your next destination., it will also add a bit of class in your rock star travel look.           Now let us discuss the ideal travel accessories for women when it comes to being fashionable and comfortable during your travel. The first ones, are the appropriate clothes which can be determined by the type of weather of your next country of destination.’ So if you are planning to visit a relatively tropical country, bring cute dresses that are made of cotton also as to be comfortable and chic for your photos. If you intend to hike or do mountain climbing, wear the appropriate clothes that will give you comfort and safety too. But most of all, bring those extra pair of bikinis, to stay cool and chic in your beach photos. The next travel accessories for women are, sunglasses, this will help protect your eyes and make you look all glam up even though you haven’t put make up on yet and gives you that ready appearance for flashing your bright selfies you are going to show to the world. The most important travel accessories for women, are sunblocks,  sunblock is a lifesaver for any occasion, it protects your skin and youthful glow from the harmful effects of the sun especially if you like to hike and mountain trip or trek. You can never go wrong with using the right amount and right type of sunblock this does not only make you feel comfortable and fashionable but also takes care of your skin, your beauty skin. So having learn of all of this travel accessories must have, you can be more confident and travel ready that it is actually possible to combine travel with style and with grace and with good health Always bring your best smile as this s your vest travel accessory as it will help you gain happy days, more friends and people will give you that bets smile back. It is free and you do not need to purchase it anywhere. Just move those face muscles up for your smile has a really long way to go in the travel department.  


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WHY TRAVEL? There are reasons why we want to travel, ranging from self- love to self-discovery. In this article, we will discover some of the best reasons why we need to travel. And ultimately, why we can save more time travelling than not travelling, and traveling than buying more. Travel gives a sense of purpose. When you are stuck with the daily reality of work, the daily grind and the difficulties of life, I guess you just want to have some time for yourself where you can assess all of your life principles. Furthermore, traveling offers a wide variety of diversion. In this fast paced world, where everything is measured by deadlines and due dates, where everything is valued for how much they cost and not for what’s their worth. We tend to be overwhelmed by societal pressures and expectations to work hard and reap better paying jobs. When we cannot live to this promise and expectations, we feel drained. We begin to compares ourselves to others. Then we begin to lose track of what’s more important, our inner balance, and our child spirit. When that balance is gone, and when what is left is a stressed out body and soul, we begin to become irritated and depressed. Travelling offers this healing. In fact, this world is full of mythical legends and wonderful views, and new beautifully crafted stories and places that can help us renew our perceptions about life. Travelling is a healing way to get off from the harsh realities of life, when you are in a remote place far from the place where you have always woken up to, you begin to rekindle the child that is in you. The kind of wanderlust that fills your human body. When you are far from the source of your stress, you begin to feel new energy to fill your ravishing hungry soul. Travelling is also a better alternative to controlling your shopping and hoarding disorders. Yes it is very understandable that some of us might be diagnosed with a personality disorder that we cannot control, but some of us, even if we do not have this, are just so obsessed with buying things and feeling a self-worth every time we buy an expensive wallet or a very famous scarf or a branded shirt. Let’s face it, each one us is guilty about this and because we are guilty, we tend to divert our loneliness to material things hoping that they will fill the emptiness we feel because of so many societal expectations and pressures we put in ourselves, all of us are  guilty but yet all of us are victims. So, instead of fighting the urge to buy that new black dress or that dazzling pair of boots. Why not give in to the temptation of travelling to a new place and also try new things and activities. Ask yourself, where would I want to go if I follow my guts? Will eating gelato in the streets of Italy, taking a swim in the beaches of the Philippines or enjoying a nightlife in the beautiful streets of hongkong give me the peace I long. Travelling lets you discover yourself. Cut and away from all those distraction and busy life lights. Travelling gives you the way to unlock personalities that are actually helpful in making you know who you really are. It makes you begin to discover that you might be really an impatient person when your flight gets delayed, something you would not know when you are just working because you are too afraid of your boss opinions towards your difficult behavior. Or it might show how strong you care for yourself by realizing that during your travel intervals, you always look after yourself and care for your own safety. It also allows you to miss the people you love, or your lover, who knows it might even be a way to realize your feelings towards someone, and their impact to you, if they don’t matter, you won’t be thinking so much about them, while you already relish in the beauty of the views before your eyes. It also shows you how awesome just the world is, with different cultures, personalities and behaviors that surround the beauty of our planet. At the end, travelling is for you, It is the treat you give yourself for being the awesome human being that you are, as a daughter/son, mother/Father and friend to the people you share your breaths in this world with. So, while you are young and strong, you should travel more.    

Got Time in London, Eat.

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Spend less money and time when eating in London London is home to various kinds of cuisine, and that means you’ll have lots of food to pick from. Being a huge city, there’s so much to do in London. It definitely authenticates the fact that age is no bar when it comes to relaxing in a good restaurant over great food with the most favorite people. In terms of nightlife, it has a variety of things to offer.  When looking out for foods to eat in London, Always know the precise location of where you have to go. If you prefer to locate places to remain in London that pamper, find one that is among the very most renowned tourist spots in the world. There are a number of nice places and intriguing cuisines to test out in London. As a budget traveler staying in a London hostel, it is necessary in order to relish an excellent meal without having to spend too large an amount of money, and even though the British capital is notoriously costly, in addition, there are many inexpensive areas to eat around the city. Food however, isn’t a problem as several restaurants provide sumptuous meals for cheap because we know that Not everybody likes pub food. If you are searching for a means to earn a little extra money, personal grocery shopping may be a great choice for you. It’s an outstanding way to save a little money if you are going to use the public transport system a good deal. Among the most well-known tactics to spend less when touring London is to purchase the London Pass. If you find yourself lost in the city just looking out for cheap yet amazing food, prevent this type of hassle by just finding an appropriate restaurant in the city. When dining, it is advisable to go on a Halal restaurant in place to limit one’s options. Hopefully, it is possible to find several restaurants in Brighton that could serve you the selections of food from several regions. Also, check out Hunan Cuisine, well, Hunan cuisine has gotten more popular in the united states in the last several years. The most effective Chinese cuisine readily available in all London are available behind Hanway Street at the Hakkasan restaurant. There are plenty of Greek restaurants around London too and The true Greek is among the very best. By looking at the way the regional individuals live their lives, you can acquire a good idea of the regional culture. Therefore, if you want to know more about night life and drinking at bars, it’s your place to relish your holidays. If you purchase something yummy”, you don’t need to purchase twice as much. Keep them refrigerated or freeze till you are prepared to eat them. It is extremely affordable for all of us. It’s really hard to describe the method by which food differ from anything you may find in the United States or in your country. It’s a good way to devote some time to relish cheap restaurants if it’s raining, since a number of the industry area is covered, or if you just wish to wander around and shop and find delicious food, go to the market stalls.

Travel on a tight budget right now

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Travelling on a skin tight budget?   For most people, travelling is a way of finding new perspective and new experiences. For some, it is one way of coping up with stress in our everyday grind. But when you are in a tight budget right now, the time it takes to travel can really come into your mind. You begin to question, how much money can I afford to spend for a one week cruise right now? Is it the right time to travel and unwind? Now, here is what we will tell you. The time right now, at this very moment is absolutely the time to get on that backpack and passport as we are going to explore more ways to travel on a tight budget. Of course, you have to be realistic about this, you can’t just declare that it is alright now to use all that time and spend all that money right? Well, here are some ways you can do to make travelling on a tight budget happen. One, you have to do a lot of research about currencies. If you have 1000 dollars right now, at this time, try to google its currency conversion into your country of destination. After having done so, you will notice that this will give you more relief because you will be able to have a better estimate of all the expenses you have incur. This will also save so much energy and time from all the worrying you are doing right now because of these travel budget issues. If your 1000 dollars is quite huge in that country, now you are on the right pace, but do not worry if that place is a bit more demanding in terms of money, you could always find another time to plan in getting there, say summer of next year, for you to still save more money and time right now. Once you have successfully done that, well you need to search the time right now in that particular country. Why? Because you just have to. You will realize that maybe right now, it is a time for festive occasion in there, or a political turmoil. It is best to be aware of the current situation and time in a certain country right now, that do that later on, when you have already regretted travelling to that place thinking it is a heavenly paradise when suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a revolution. This is also to ensure that right now, you could make other options if your country of desire is politically and practically unavailable for you. Does it cost you time? No, it will even save you from the horrors of budgeting a connecting flight because you are stuck in trouble and you just want to leave right away. Third, know your lifestyle choice. Are you the type of person who is a manic shopper? Are you a hoarder? Do you like to dine in an expensive resto? Are you not comfortable with lodging places? Do you have many vices? Are you on a medication that costs a lot of money? Well, the thing is right now, you have to know yourself and your lifestyle, because in travels ,most of the time you do not adjust to the place, you make the place adjust to your lifestyle, and if you are still unaware of this, you will fall in to the rabbit hole of a luxurious and money excessive wasting lifestyle, so it is better to answer these questions first, and ask yourself realistically, are you ready to adjust your habit to meet your tight budget?  If it is better to cancel your travel right now, and practice daily changes in your behavior first then, when the time comes that you are ready, you will save yourself a lot of time and money.   Fourth, you have to check out the most convenient places to live in, in your country of destination. For example, if you are planning  to go to London right now, check if it will allow you to stay in the most cheapest and convenient places in London while you get to enjoy the most beautiful tourist attractions there. If you want to know more about the time in London and why it could be on one of your travel choices right now, we detailed some reasons why here on our London travel Blog So the key here, is to search for cheap accommodations that will still satisfy your needs and there are actually many places like that anywhere right now. The time it takes right now to research them, especially those in London is not consuming. When you are done doing that. You could well assure yourself that travelling on a tight budget would no longer be an issue and it is not going to hinder you from travelling right now, at this time to London or anywhere you like. So these are some useful tips you can use to make your life a little less difficult and a little less extravagant when you are travelling at this time. And remember, a tight budget, a weather forecast or a raging war cannot and will not stop a travelling spirit from making enjoyable experiences right now. So is it the right time to go to London?

It should be time to travel to London

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Do you have the time? Why not travel to London?   Are you a jet setter? Planning to unwind and discover rich historical culture? Or want to express and recreate the same time? Choose London! We are waiting for you. Let’s have a time out for a week or so, rest assured that you are going to extend your stay once you get a chance to discover it. Of all places, why London? Find out more of our tips and travel guide to suit your desires. We’ll categorized it into parts to make it easier for you:   Famous and historical sights   Buckingham Palace, the place where you had an idea of fairytales. The tower of London, crowned to home of jewels and beefeaters. The Big Ben, the London Eye… The list goes on and on. There’s nothing quite like the experience of hopping on a red double-decker bus and seeing some of the most recognizable sights in the world from its top deck. Bring your camera and get ready to some memorable shot that awaits you.   Fun-filled Nightlife   Just like you, people from London work hard too but play hard also. There is always a possibility for a night owl like you to stop by in any of the busiest streets in the capital, from the finest dine experience to the classic pubs, to chic clubs, funky dive bars, majestic theatres with Hollywood visitors almost every night. All you need to do is to walk around the city, have some fun and discover lots of recreation and one more thing make sure you book tickets for some kind of show one evening, it could be a West End musical, a classic theatrical show, a stand-up comedy show, or a huge live concert. The biggest stars and the best shows always make a stop in our nation’s capital, so you’re sure to find something that will blow you away.   Great people   People with different cultures and faces come together to bring hostility to the city. You will be amaze how fascinating London is to choose as a new venture for living. Regardless of the number of people residing at the city you will always encounter artistry and positivity; everywhere you will see group or individuals singing, painting, and dancing in the streets. There’s just more to London that you must see.     Rich History The founding of London is ever so long and dramatic. Home for the great King and queen and the brave knights that you use to imagine in books and literals.  There is still so much of our culture as a country were developed in this city. You’ll be amazed to discover more than you can possibly remember; the huge museums were the world’s largest collection of artifacts can be found, the unforgettable past of the London Dungeons or indulge yourself in the splendor of royalty at Hampton Court Palace.

Got any travel plans to London? Time it.

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In this modern age and time, The UK can be reached at hand. And the rest of the world is only a click farther away. But if you are the type of person who loves to travel and see a place first before clicking on it in the world wide web, then here are great travel plan tips for you, so you can save time and be at London as soon as you want to. Time is so essential that nobody really wants to spend 1 week to just prepare your travel plans to the UK and London. You’d rather choose to spend that 1 week playing video games, doing productive things or watching your favorite Netflix movie than prepare travel itinerary and must haves. Well don’t worry. In this article, we will give you all the time you need to relax but also give you travel plans to at London and be there as ready as you thought you would ever be. So, the first thing you need to do is check the time and timezone in Europe, specifically UK and London. That way it will be easier for you to adjust your self and also you don’t spend a lot of time wasted on knowing what flights are available  in your country to London and risk having to land in Europe at night time because you. When you already know the time, do not forget to visit to get the most accurate time. If you have already done so, you can now download google maps on your device so that you wont get lost in UK or London because a map is handy to show you where you need to go than bring a physical map which could be overwhelming, and finding one in the sores could cost a lot of effort and time. Now that you have downloaded your google map, it is time to check on your travel essentials such as 1.Passport 2. Visa 3. Money These 3 must come first in travel plan list. If you have them, it would be easier for you to get spontaneous with your itinerary and your shopping overseas. We advise that you keep these three thing together in a bag tat you can hand carry or else you will get yourself into a lot of trouble with customs and immigration if you lose your tourist identity files. When these are all set, you can now,research about UK, or London, having done the time research and time in London research, you will have to also familiarize yourself with the lifestyle and culture in London/UK/Europe wherever it is you want to go. It is very important to be familiar with the culture together with the laws of the country because you never know when you can get caught doing something in a place like London that you never imagine would be taboo or maybe illegal. Better safe than sorry. Now, for the last plan, you could go ahead and pack your necessities ,but pack lightly as this will save you enough time and energy and you sure do not want to be tired bringing all those luggage s to London right? The travel rule for clothes and gears and essentials is to always bring and wear light materials. So, by now, you should be ready and set , and you have saved a lot of time. The last thing you wanna do now is enjoy your travel to London, UK or any other parts of Europe. You will surely have great time and will save yourself the hassle of a disorganized travel experience. It is time to make memories and connect to the place. Enjoy it while it lasts!Have a happy travel.