Clocks Forward

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CLOCKS FORWARD   Time is important in our lives, this is why we make sure we have clocks and wrist watches, and we make sure to have them handy just so we can try and fit all our daily priorities in to one day. Clocks forward has been one of our individual moves in trying to change time so we can fit more and more leisure time we get to make the work done and the social responsibilities done on time. But clocks forward has a different meaning in the context of time zones and time and daylight saving devices. As defined by the act of some UK countries in creating clocks forward there are certain time changes in the entire UK region such as one that is enumerated here; it states that from October a clock will turn backward 1 hour and for this year march the clock will turn forward by 1 hour. In spring for example, you have to start moving and changing your clock 1 hour more at the start of the DST and then change it backward 1 hour when fall starts. Historical records suggests that “spring forward, fall back” has been in use in the early 20th century. According to this article This strategy was first introduced in World War 1 by Germany and Austria and it was invented to do have some additional work hours by getting up early in the morning thus creating more increased productivity. So how do you deal with time changes? Get enough sleep the night before in order not to feel fuzzy or sleep-deprived. Some experts suggest that this method actually helps in reducing traffic and solving crime rates thus creating decrease in crime incidents and also is energy saving, but these things are yet to be debated over. The thing is, to do clocks forward means that one must adjust his or her mindset to cope up with the type of spring forward and fall back phrase. This method is actually employed for example, in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Although the United Kingdom has always been using daylight saving which means that the clocks are settled forward 1 hour from standard time during the summer months, and back again in the fall, in order to make better use of natural daylight. More so, there are pros and cons of daylight savings such long evenings compared to short ones, where one can enjoy more time in their leisure and rest times thus allowing more time for sleep, this can only be effectively use of if one sleeps early. Also, you don’t use more energy due to less artificial light is use when you do clocks forward, also that it can give more time to enjoy your time at the evening. Daylight savings time also has some cons, and these are all related to sleep deprived conditions due to the fact that even if evenings are created longer, more and more people still feel tired the next day as they still do not sleep early, thus making them sick and less productive when they spend more time in evening hang outs than get sleep as they have to wake up an hour earlier due to the clocks forward conditions. So this clocks forward can pose both good and bad, but it depend on the individual on how he/she will adapt to the changes before spring comes. Clocks forward your life in spring and fall back to the usual time. Clocks forward is a way of adjusting your cognitions by making a time mindset that will increase your productivity if you know how to adapt and maneuver the changes in clocks forward.  

9pm EST to GMT only here on what is the time in london

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What is then 9pm EST to GMT? Have you ever asked yourself this or googled for this? So ever wondered what time is it in the UK now? when  in search of the time in other parts of the world, the first thing that usually comes into our mind is, what time would it be in the other region of the world. And if you are in the US side of the globe, it could be a lot more and frequently asked if what is the time in the UK as you all are rooting for joining Paris fashion week or cannes film festival or maybe just rooting towards a major holiday vacation someday in the beautiful streets of London. Well, there can be numerous sources as to the time converter, but all of this sources often lead to one thing 9pm est is actually GMT-4. So that means if 9pm is 4 hours less than the GMT time, if its 9pm est it is probably 1 am gmt in the gmt timezone So always remember that when you are converting 9pm est is it actually gmt-4 The 9pm EST to GMT conversion in more detail Now let us understand the background of EST? What is it really? And what parts of the globe are affected by the timezone? Accordingly, EST – Eastern Standard Time / Eastern Time (Standard Time) Also known as: ET – Eastern Time , NAEST – North American Eastern Standard Time Eastern Standard Time (EST) is 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This time zone is in use during standard time in: North America, Caribbean, Central America.  It is also the time zone used in Canada, the Caribbean, and in a few countries of South America. Just like in New York and some other cities on the North American East Coast, like Toronto, Eastern Time zone is observed. If we take a closer look, the 9pm EST to GMT time in New York City is the following: New York is GMT/UTC – 5h during Standard Time New York is GMT/UTC – 4h during Daylight Saving Time More facts about GMT Quite noticeable is the fact that when you look at 9pm est to gmt, we have to also understand what GMT is and wnat is it all about. According to this site, Greenwich Mean Time or GMT is the clock time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, United Kingdom. It is the same all year round and is not affected by Summer Time or Daylight Saving Time. So when it is 9PM est to GMT, it is actually 1am there in GMT. But note however that GMTcan only be observed in London at the following months, march to October. At this time and age, Universal coordinated time has taken the place of gmt but gmt is still observed mostly in the UK. This is why it is employed in Uk time as 0 degrees longitude runs right through it GMT is still mostly used as the standard time as the time zone basis for all other world time zones. More so UK clocks abide by EU rules. A little history on this one, Greenwich Mean Time was adopted across the island of Great Britain by the Railway Clearing House in 1847, and by almost all railway companies by the following year, from which the term “railway time” is derived. Thus if you are looking for ways to know 9pm EST to GMT then don’t forget that GMT is standard time zone used in the UK such as London and it is always 4 hours ahead of the 9PM EST to GMT. So, if this helped you in a way in figuring out the right time in the UK. Watch out for more time zone news in our blog.

Travel Backpack Essentials

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We always look for a buddy bag to bring with us and todat we provide to you a list of your travel backpack essentials to bring with you. So read on. Almost each one of us want to go somewhere, we have our own preferences and we always want to experience new things. Some would want to go to Europe, others to Asia, and some to the wild and beautiful Africa, wherever it is we go, as human beings that we all are, we all want to bring some personal stuff and necessities during our travel especially those things that can give us comfort when we have to face delayed connecting flights, long queues or simply long travels somewhere. And sometimes we just don’t have any idea what we want and need to bring g. This line gets blurred. We then begin asking ourselves, should I bring a mug or a plastic bottle? Should I bring this memento from my mother or discard it altogether? Should I bring 100 socks or just 1 or none? Well to remedy these repeated questions in your head. We have compiled a list of all the things you really should have in your backpack, as we all know, you can’t just learn enough, even if it seems to be  your 100th travel already, you will always forget to bring something or always end up bringing something you have no idea why you brought in the first place. So let us begin with the most important thing; The BACKPACK ITSELF. For some of you, you could bring an alternative if you are not a fan of backpack, you could bring a tote bag, a shoulder bag, or a sports bag that you can bring to carry on. It is always safe to bring a carry on friendly bag in order to avoid being stopped at inspection or having to pay a greater fine in the airport service. Whether you choose to bring a purse, backpack or tote bag, the first thing you have to remember is the quality of the bag. Is it waterproof? Does it have all good zippers/ does it not break easily? Is the bag’s exterior durable? All these considerations must come to mind. You should also think about its size, is it’s large as your checked-in luggage/ If it is, better find a smaller one that follows the standard carry on size. Don’t forget to research the preferred check in size for your flight. But why is carrying a backpack or a carry-on bag important? Well because it usually must contain all the important belongings and property you do not want to risk losing in your checked in luggage such as money, credit cards, gadgets and personal stuff that you cannot live travelling without. Now that you have your backpack/bag ready we are all set to list what you should put inside your backpack. The MONEY/ CURRENCY Yes. You travel because you have enough money with you to spend for a night in a fine hotel or in a beautiful tourist spot in your country of destination. So you really need to bring your money and new currency with you because it is impossible to become a tourist without bringing a cent of money with you. Money can actually allow you to purchase other things you need for yourself in that country. So better keep them near you and keep them safe. You don’t want to fall in the trap of being robbed off your precious shillings.   The PASSPORT/VISA/OTHER IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS You could not forget placing this in your backpack as this means all the world to you as a traveller. These are your magic pills to bring you to the country you want to go to, to transport you safely and under legal terms. You sure do not want to become an illegal tourist, and you cannot afford to lose them if you want to save yourself from the hassles of losing an identity in a foreign country and having to go through the hectic process of going to your country’s embassy, wasting many precious days you could have spent swimming on the beaches or having a night out in the resto and bars. A NECK PILLOW The long time it takes to go through delayed flights and connecting flights and long queues plus the number of actual hours you have to spend sitting there in the airplane seat must really tire your head and soul. So it is best to bring a handy neck pillow anywhere you go as this will give you more comfort and it will make your waiting more fun and memorable. It helps allow you to doze off or catch a nap and you don’t have to lie down on  the floor or on a bench, you just have to rest your head backwards a little bit and you are all set to nap. Sounds great right? It is! A MINI BOTTLE OF WATER This one is essential. It will save you a lot of money purchasing airport waters that cost millions. Yes they are so expensive even when they are so small;  So when you get thirsty you can just grab your mini water bottle and chug on. Of course you have to check the size of your container, make sure you bring the preferred and allowable bottle size or else airport authorities will confiscate it. Bring a mini one that you can always refill whenever you have connecting flights and you can refill when you are inside the plane just chilling and thirsty. LIPBALM The temperature in airplanes can really crack your lips and the long hours spent there could add to all the troubles, so it is best to bring a small lip balm handy just in case you want to avoid cracked and dry lips. Seriously who wants to have dry lips. As a traveller, you always want to look good in your selfies, so better check on those lips and apply lip balm as often as necessary. GADGETS These are your best friends when you want to take photos of you enjoying the sunset view or having fun in a beautiful famous park. So always bring your gadgets, but don’t bring many of them as this is a lot of stress. Just bring your handy camera and a phone. But if you are working well,you could also bring you laptops with you. Don’t forget the selfie stick as this will allow you to capture the moments more. And gadgets are also helpful to give you direction or to let you contact your family whom you miss whenever you are in a foreign country. DICTIONARY With all the online dictionaries available today, nothing can beat up a printed dictionary as this will give you available assistance all the time you need to translate something to the language of the country you are touring. And don’t forget to bring a dictionary in your backpack, that is mini and handy, you do not want to add weight to your backpack as this is difficult and uncomfortable. Also ensure that the dictionary contains your language and the language of your country of destination for you to make it more essential and useful. Lastly, bring the wander luster in you and your open mind. When your backpack is all set for your next travel, always bring these characteristics with you as they will help you go a long a way in appreciating your travels more and in understanding the culture of that foreign country more. Always be amazed of the beauty that travelling will give you. These essentials will make your travelling life easier and fun. Be a wander luster and be open-minded all of the time. No excuses. Remember you’re setting foot in a new territory so alien to you, then just be accepting. Remember, they accepted you, you should too, if you want to experience a fun and everlasting joy with travelling.    

Filipino Travel Agency in London

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Ever thought of visiting the beautiful archipelagic islands of the Philippines? Stretching in about 7000 plus islands and an archipelago, with its pristine beaches and natural islands, Philippines can be one of your next travel destinations. Today we are going to uncover some Filipino travel agency in London to the Philippines and we will also show you the Philippine visa requirements if you are residing in the United Kingdom and decide to visit the magical and tropical Philippine country. There are numerous flight destinations and services that you can avail of such Philippine package tours and Philippine package travels that are not that much expensive. There are many cheap flights to manila that can also connect you to some other flights to other beautiful and famous islands such as Aklan and Palawan. Let us take a look at some of these Filipino travel agency in London then and see what’s the best travel deals you can find today.   Our first introduction is the celestial travel & tours ltd, as according to their website, they are  a Filipino travel agency in London which started operating in April 2002. Based in Victoria London. They can fly you to Boracay, Cebu Bacolod and Palawan, they are an IATA accredited agency and they are also providing extensive travel advice and services to world-wide-destinations. They too do have package tours to major domestic points in the Philippines as stated. The next Filipino travel agency in London  is a Philippine travel agency from UK . They offer tickets to Cebu straight from London for only 489 pounds per person. They are also an IATA and atoll protected travel agency. So you can ensure quality and trustworthy services. The next find is the Filipino travel agency in London called  the Mabuhay travel, they are acclaimed for their name mabuhay as “mabuhay” originates from the root word ‘buhay’ which refers to ‘life’ in Tagalog. And according to their website they will give the best options available with regards to flight services. This travel agency also offers many flight destinations to choose from such as Bacolod, Busuanga, Butuan, Cagayan De Oro, Caticlan, Cebu, Clark, ,Cotabato, Davao, Dipolog,Dumaguete,General Santos, Iloilo, Kalibo ,Laoag, Legazpi, Manila, Naga, Ozamis, Puerto princesa, Roxas, Tacloban, Tagbilaran, Tugegarao, And Zamboanga. This travel agency also has many hot deals and special offers going on right now. They are located at 38 riding house street, London, w1w 7es, United Kingdom.   Our last introduction is the Gifto travel, a Filipino travel agency in London that has been in the industry since 1967 and is located in 31 euston road NW1, united kingdom and according to their website, they have 49 years of trading & a multi-lingual team, the quality, the innovation and the flexibility of the services they provide to customers constantly grows from strength to strength. They are an IATA and ABTA certified and they fly with various airlines to wit, emirates, right now they have special offers for flights to manila from London for the low price of 381 pounds.   Pinoy travel has been but a pleasure as we uncover the Philippine embassy requirements and Philippines immigration forms According to this site, The following are the minimum requirements for applying a temporary visitor’s visa: Passport/travel document valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines; Duly accomplished visa application forms; Passport photos (2 pieces); Proof of bona fide status as tourist or businessman; Confirmed tickets for return or onward journey to the next port of destination; and Payment of visa fees   You also need to fill up some Philippine immigration form and extension forms if you wish to extend your stay. According to the Applications can be filed either in person or by post. Forms are available at the Philippine embassy or can be downloaded from the forms page. Walk-in applicants can file their applications during embassy office hours: 9a.m. To 5p.m. Mondays thru Fridays, except during Philippine national holidays and UK bank holidays. Moreover, the visa fee is gbp 28.00 for British passport holders and processing time can reach two to three days maximum. if you file by post you can address your application on the visa section  Philippine embassy, 6-8 Suffolk street,London,SW1Y 4HG. More so, British passport holders stay in the Philippines for 30 days without visa provided that they hold valid tickets for the return journey to port of origin or next port of destination and that they hold valid passports.

Travel accessories

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Travel accessories make travelling more meaningful and joyous. It gives convenience and happiness. So that we all know Traveling has been the trend and together with its trending status in today’s generations, there are travel accessories that go with it. People of all ages and cultures, will always bring some handy accessories that make their traveling fun and exciting. We cannot stress out how important travel accessories are to both men and women, they do not just provide convenience when you travel, but these travel accessories are also important in making your flights and journeys worthwhile. Sometimes, bringing the right travel accessories will spell the difference between n enjoyable travel  and a worst travel nightmare. Or in order to save yourself from the horrors of a travel gone wrong, read our article in order to pack these travel accessories in your luggage and don’t forget to out a name tag on all your luggage packages. What are travel accessories? Travel accessories are the things we bring that accentuate our travel life and also adds comfort and ease to our long stretches of travel go to. It can vary from one person to another, what might be nice and pretty travel accessory for someone might not be good for someone else. So our tastes always differ based on personal needs and wants and wishes on that perfect travel experience. To start off, travel accessories can be categorize into gears, techy stuff and fashion stuff. For both men and women, travel accessories that are techy are our gadgets. Let us admit it, we cannot stress how much important smartphones and other electronics are in our travels. As creatures who like to embed and keep memories with us, we always want to capture the moment of lightness and ease in our travels so we bring gadgets such as photographic devices like cameras, and smartphones that has both cameras and messaging system. The most widely used travel accessories when it comes to travel gadgets are the smartphones as they serve all in one, communication device and automatic friendly user device which allows us to use GPS, Google maps, use apps for translating languages, and we sue for capturing moments an also for using social media sites and getting informed of the latest daily news while we are on the grind of travelling. When it comes to electronics, we have laptops and cameras too. Add the headset and head phones we can use if we want to unwind when we are on que at airports or terminals. It’s our travel stress reliever. Cameras are also very popular with travelers as they capture the perfect photo bliss and keeps our memories for good forever. When it come s travel accessories that are gears, most travelers use Gpro or underwater devices that can capture the beauty of the underwater experience. It also provides adequate and comfortable access to camera tools without the fear of dropping it on water as it is water tolerant and resistant unlike smartphone that has to be handled with so much acre. Other travel gears are adopters that can make your smartphones or other electronics be compatible with the voltage system in different countries. Always go for the flexible ones, yes they may cause you some money but they are better than not being able to use your electronics in a new country because of its inability to be compatible with the voltage need . So find an adopter that is compatible with any voltage system, but don’t bring the very large ones, as you will have problems with security and also always bring the handy ones that can fit in your travel luggage and travel wallets. This type of travel gears as accessories can really make you at ease and happy as it gives you peace of mind and it will ensure that you are well ready for the variegated travel experience. For the fashion side of travel accessories, we have some travel accessories for men and women and we will categorize that accordingly. First let us discuss travel accessories for men. What should men wear as travel accessories to feel comfortable and trendy at the same time and of course to look good at photos. One, is the all time loved, travel hats for men. If you are in love with the idea of strolling in a new park of a new country, you have got to bring a hat to protect your self from the blazing heat brought about global warming and it will also look you more Masculine and paparazi ready. Next travel accessories for me it is essential to have sunglasses, that way you can cover your eyes from the extreme effect of the sun as there are countries that are too tropical and really challenging. It will also make you look cameras ready whenever you want to take the perfect selfie shot of you. Then the last travel accessory for men are watches that are both resistant to extreme water and heat. You always need to have a watch to know the time when you lost and idle in the travel moment and to always know what time you are going to head on to your next destination., it will also add a bit of class in your rock star travel look.           Now let us discuss the ideal travel accessories for women when it comes to being fashionable and comfortable during your travel. The first ones, are the appropriate clothes which can be determined by the type of weather of your next country of destination.’ So if you are planning to visit a relatively tropical country, bring cute dresses that are made of cotton also as to be comfortable and chic for your photos. If you intend to hike or do mountain climbing, wear the appropriate clothes that will give you comfort and safety too. But most of all, bring those extra pair of bikinis, to stay cool and chic in your beach photos. The next travel accessories for women are, sunglasses, this will help protect your eyes and make you look all glam up even though you haven’t put make up on yet and gives you that ready appearance for flashing your bright selfies you are going to show to the world. The most important travel accessories for women, are sunblocks,  sunblock is a lifesaver for any occasion, it protects your skin and youthful glow from the harmful effects of the sun especially if you like to hike and mountain trip or trek. You can never go wrong with using the right amount and right type of sunblock this does not only make you feel comfortable and fashionable but also takes care of your skin, your beauty skin. So having learn of all of this travel accessories must have, you can be more confident and travel ready that it is actually possible to combine travel with style and with grace and with good health Always bring your best smile as this s your vest travel accessory as it will help you gain happy days, more friends and people will give you that bets smile back. It is free and you do not need to purchase it anywhere. Just move those face muscles up for your smile has a really long way to go in the travel department.  

Jet Lag symptoms and jetlag homeopathic remedies

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Have you ever experienced jet lag and jet lag symptoms? But what is it exactly and how do you ensure that you get the right remedies. To start off, jetlag according to science is the extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across several time zones. So jetlag’s can only be felt if one travels and if one travels abroad. The severity of jet lag symptoms can vary from one person to another, and it can also vary depending on the length of time spent on air or of crossing multiple time zones in a given short period of time. When you feel dizzy or tired but cannot sleep, you are probably experiencing one of the jet lag symptoms of jet lag and most of the times, the symptoms do not go away and can disturb your normal sleeping patterns. Jet lag symptoms  are really irritating as you will get side effects that you would not want to experience especially if they are the very reason why you chose to travel. Jet lag Symptoms like headache are a daily symptom in your stressful life at work, but now you are getting them, or nausea is something you want to get rid of, but because of jet lag, they keep distracting you from enjoying your one time travel happiness. Or sleep disturbances are normal in your daily grind, but because you have jetlag, you suddenly have them, silly they were exactly what you were trying to escape form, and now they haunt you. So to be enlightened and have a deeper understanding of these symptoms and of this phenomenon, let us discuss jet lag today. Why does jet lag occur? First let us look at how jetlags came to be and why they occur as a natural phenomenon known to man’s changing physiological body clock. Accordingly based on the Oxford dictionary, a jet lag, is well, this is the feeling of being tired and slightly confused after a long plane journey, especially when there is a big difference in the time at the place you leave and that the place you arrive in. More so, it can have serious long term effects if not treated well. For most people, they don’t really consider jet lags as dangerous but it can be depending on your bodies’ tolerance and immunity. Signs and symptoms of a jet lag Now what are some signs and symptoms that you are having jetlag? Disturbed sleep at prolonged periods of time When your natural body clock is affected, you can almost have a hard time trying to reset back to your normal sleep pattern, so when you try to sleep and you always wake up every hour or every two hours, it could mean a very bad thing for your health as you are experiencing jetlag. Headache When your body tries to decipher the normal new time pattern, your brain also tries its hardest to process the body clock changes of your body, so you might feel recurring headaches from the trial that your brain is undergoing to meet the changing body clock needs of your body. Lethargy Ever felt tired despite getting 10 straight hours of sleep? Ever felt restless and cannot work normally? Well your energy is eaten up by the confused body changes happening to meet the natural body clock and so your energy get deviated and you begin to feel lethargic with puffy eyes and aching bones. Insomnia As the same with disturbed sleep , you might feel insomnia and gets difficulty sleeping add that up to the fact that you can stay late at night even if your brain tiredly wants to rest but your body does not respond causing your dark circles and ugly eye bags. Stomach problems You can also experience stomach problems such as diarrhea and constipation. So if you find yourself fresh from travelling and you are already having difficulty getting that poop out, well congratulations, you have gotten the infamous jetlag. Mood changes Your mood also changes. So if you feel like you are always irritated and unable to save a happy face, you have finally gotten into jetlag land and this also disables you to work normally and it makes you a difficult person to go by. Your concentration is loosened and your irritability is heightened, therefore making your mood change from happy to doom. But worry not, as we will also give you some easy and helpful remedies to counter the jetlag experience and give you the more happy travel experience you all crave for. Today we give you how to get rid of jetlags naturally. Getings rid of jetlags naturally Some remedies are easy to do, like homeopathy but the best way is to treat the jet lag symptoms at its onset and it is a very natural remedy too. So we will now discuss, how to get rid of jetlag naturally. The best natural remedies are the following: According to , there are some natural remedies for jetlag symptoms such as but not limited to: melatonin- or a hormone produced in a tiny gland called the pineal gland in the brain. It can give high level of brain activity and induces sleep. While melatonin is available over-the-counter in the USA, you’ll need a prescription to get it in Britain. Next is the remedies posted by which states that one should not drink coke, coffee, tea and to not sleep during the day including not eating the airplane food and not eat at 4pm. Jet lag homeopathic remedies But the most effective and well talked of remedies are the natural remedies called homeopathy. Jet lag homeopathic is a kind of natural remedy that allows you to get rid of jetlag naturally.  But let us first take a look at the natural remedy for jetlag more. Let us ask, What is homeopathy? Well it is the treatment of disease by minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of disease. So basically, you are getting in doses of pills or tablets and medicinal products to help ease your symptoms fast and give you comfort. The best homeopathic remedies against jet lag Some of the best products there is are the following; JETZONE HOMEOPHATIC 44022 TRAVEL MEDICINE This product can be bought at and the following are its description: 6×30 tab homeopathic jet lag remedy is a combination for the temporary relief of the disruptions in circadian rhythm and fatigue associated with jet lag from flying and the symptoms of insomnia exhaustion. Its weight and features are the following: weight 91 grams Units 30.00 tablets brand is jet zone homeopathic Some of the pros and cons of this product are the following: that there is a difference in their sleeping patterns after drinking this medicine The brand has quick delivery system and it actually works for some people If you find their description at amazon, they have a 3.6 rating out of five stars. It is an excellent jetlag prevention The cons are the following: Some people did not find it useful as it did not world for them It is quite expensive to use for a one timer travel and   The next product is the HELIOS HOMEOPHATY which is priced at 5.95 pounds and offers free delivery in the UK area. This is a combination of ingredients said to give homeopathic relief from the symptoms of temporary sleep disturbances. Some of its pros are the following: It resets sleeping patterns effectively especially for twenty year old people. It also does not have any side effects that are bad. Its cons are, some people took it for 3 weeks but it did not work for them and it only fits certain young ages to be effective.   The next product is the no-jet –lag homeopathic jet lag prevention which consist about 24.99 pounds and is enough for multiple flights and is a natural solution which is consists of all natural ingredients The pros for the way on how to use this product are: It automatically removes jet lag for some people It has good moderation effect on the extremes of long haul jet lag. The cons however are: It is very expensive and it does not ship to some countries other than the United Kingdom. The last product featured is the 1 ABOVE ANTI JET LAG FLIGHT DRINK TABLETS for prevention and relief from travel fatigue which costs around 19.97 pounds  and is composed of pycogenol, a natural bark extract which research has shown reduces the length of jet lag symptoms by 53.8%. Some of its pros are: It makes the body adjust to the long haul of flights It gives more energy for those who drank it and it makes people drinking it feel productive all day despite travel flights. However the cons are, it is undrinkable for some, because it comes with no directions on its intake and how often it should be taken, so it does not feel comfortable as it has a weird taste. So these some of homeopathic remedies you can try to lessen the jetlag burden that are currently experiencing. It is better try some and adjust to the produce that best work for you than suffer in vain and not get right sleeping patterns for to the cost of crossing multiple time zones. And you don’t want hate traveling just because jet lag symptoms come in the way. These natural homeopathic remedies for jetlag can really spell the difference between a good travel and worst travel experience. It will also save you up from the depressing and happiness curtailing jet lag symptoms that could just ruin a perfect paradise vacation when travelling. So be sure, to try one of these and pack your bags and bringing these as these are your life savers on cold nights and heavy sighs. Travelling should always come as an approach to be happier and merrier, but when jetlag gets in the way, everything seems to be thwarted and dismantled for a while. When you try these products and see what product best fits for your body needs, do not forget to comment on this section and raise awareness about jet lag symptoms and jet lag homeophatic. You can also purchase and learn more about these products for natural remedies for jet lags on

Muslim prayer times; a call to prayer, a call to faith

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Today, we tackle Muslim Prayer times, as one mode of spiritual growth in the Muslim community. Prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is the obligation of each Muslim and it represents his/her submission to God. When you submit to your creator, it is believed that you also attain eternal rewards. However, Islam denotes a religion of peace and love that is why many Muslim scholars believed that when a Muslim submits, he has done so out of love and remembrance of the one great creator, Allah. Muslim prayer times are important to a muslim believer, That is why Salah or prayer is so significant that it has all the prayer times that must be followed. Salah in Islam is an extraordinary obligation. It connects man to his creator, connects the believer to his God. Through the consensus of his mind and body. In Muslim prayer, the Muslim becomes a fully pledged believer and submits himself to his creator.   Before the prayer is offered, a Muslim ensure in one’s self that all the necessary requirements and conditions pertaining to Salah is met . Before Salah is performed in its designated muslim prayer times, we need to ensure the right clothing. For men, it is obligatory to cover their body from belly button till knees. The females should cover their physique from head to toe except for their face and hands. The clothing must be neat and clean, not body fitted and not too loose. On their period, women are free from the obligation to offer salah as they are exempted.   PLACE OF WORSHIP Wherever the person is, she or he can face Allah in his deepest prayers. Prophet Mohammad once said “All the parts of the world is given to me  as a prayer place, clean, and peaceful and pure.” It is very delightful that the prayer is offered together in a congregation. Face the qiblah if you are performing salah. To gather all Muslims, in their call to prayer, the adhan is performed. The muezzin shall stand facing qiblah and raises his hands and point his fingers placed on opposite ears and recites the adhan in a loud voice. So we now uncover the Hours designated in these muslim prayer times. Every prayer must be offered and performed in its own time that is why there must be muslim prayer times accordingly separated throughout the day. The prayer cannot be performed before its designated time. .There are 5 designated Muslim prayer time that every Muslim must perform within a day. These are the following: FAJR- The onset on early dawn and before the sun rises. ZUHR- In-between few moments after noon time and before the coming of the ASR prayer. ASR-From the center afternoon and before the sun sets. MAGRIB- A few brief moments after the sun sets until the darkness comes. ISHA- In the coming of dark and before FAJR prayer comes.   The prayer time for Muslims is so important that it is so entwined with their existence. The prayer is part of Fardh (obligatory prayer) and Sunnah (voluntary) prayer. The prayer of fardh is performed 5 times throughout the day. The Sunnah prayer is composed of the additional prayers that the Prophet Muhammad SAW peace be upon him always do before and after the Salah obligatory. It is believed that a true believer is someone who can perform salah every day, otherwise there is a high moral duty to do it. Have a goal in mind during these muslim prayer times. (thoughts that are not recited) intention to offer the Muslim prayer if it is the obligatory Muslim prayer time or if it is a Sunnah prayer, voluntary. Face the qiblah, and then raise your hands in the same level of your shoulders and ears while reciting the TAKBIRATUL  IKLAAM, At this realization, it is said that Muslim sod not pray for the benefit of Allah , but because God has commanded them to do so and because they believe that they obtain greater benefit in doing so. Muslims must be clean before they pray. They make sure of this by performing ritual washing called wudhu before the each designated muslim prayer times.Mosques have washing facilities.  Prayer also repel the evil deed and the good deeds get a lot of rewards. To understand that there is a dynamics of this prayer time for Muslims, then here is a chart to explain in detail the muslim prayer times stated.   The chart down below gives the each salah and fardh as a muslim prayer times. SALATUL FAJR: 2 RAK’AS TIME: Dusk to dawn To read the al fatiha and other surah in the first two rak’a loudly 2.SALATUL ZUHR: 4 RAK’A TIME: in between few moments after non before the start of ASR prayer. Recital of al fatiha and other surah in the first two rak’a silently SALATUL ASR: 4 rak’a Time: In The middle of afternoon before the sun sets Recital of al fatiha and other surah in the first two rak’a silently SALATUL MAGRIB: 3 rak’a TIME: Few moments after the sun sets till nighttime. Recital of the Al Fatiha and other Surahs in the first two rak’as loudly in this muslim prayer times. SALATUL ISHA: 4 Rak’as Time: At the onset of night and before the prayer time for FAJR comes. Recital of the Al Fatiha and other Surahs loudly during this muslim prayer times. At the understanding of this process called muslim prayer times, a Muslim must perform certain steps to perfect his Fardh and this must be done so with a pure heart, clean body and soul. That is why Wudhu is performed before the prayer in order to make this experience a truly meaningful one, so that this muslim prayer times will be also joyous and fulfilling for a muslim. A lot of critics say that a proof of God must come with an empirical and structural bases in order to enjoy divine experience, but it is like saying that the blind man cannot see just because his eyes are not functioning.  It is like saying that seeing is the only thing that justifies that blind man’s human existence. And that all of his other physical characteristics begins to disappear. So this Muslim prayer, is a time for man to connect at a level unknown to his or her physical sense. This is a time where man seeks for the truth within, it is just like yoga in India or mediation or even the concept of enlightenment for the Buddhist. Just like any other religion, or sectarian belief, the Muslim call to prayer sets a time to make the body in harmony with the rhythm of nature. Prayer is one of the most influential root that sets the unbeliever distinct from a follower. When you follow, you merely know what the rules and obligations are without necessarily having to perform them, but if you are a believer you perform these without having to be complied. That is Islam.        


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Travel ideas that matter As a rational human being with all the functions we use every day for work, study and play, we always have that subconscious craving for the irrational, for the things we cannot comprehend. And at the depths and backs of our minds, we wishfully think we can attain that irrationality. For most people, this can take the form of a hobby, or a desire. But for some, it is the yearning to be somewhere truly different, somewhere safe and risky at the same time, somewhere no one has ever been into. Our child in us will always want to make us yearn for this, yearn for a place out there that maybe thousands of miles apart but is there and we want to reach it. That is why crave for new perspective and perceptions. We want to grow and most of all, we want to learn parts of ourselves still close even to our own thinking and rationality. So we begin to start planning, saving, buying less or trying to stop from a vice that consumes most of our money in order to save up for that wonderful beach in south east Asia, or those rocky hills in north America or the classier city life in Europe. Wherever its we want to go, we always want to make sure that we plan very well. But what is really the purpose of planning, if we do not know the time zones and the time differences in that area? Well, for some people. This is really not a big deal because their argument would be well, we can always live the moment once we are there. But the point is, some people can get really confused with a lot of google search answers as to time zones. And this is where we bring you the most accurate time provider checker in the internet, as you know once you get to know the right time, you will be able to adjust your plans accordingly. As well flight bookings, office leaves to take, and also take deadline times too. The difference in the accuracy of time provision is crucial, because an hour means so much than just a number when you are travelling. As we may note, you travel to feel the irrational, but it does not mean you have to be irrational with your planning, that is a disaster.


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WHY TRAVEL? There are reasons why we want to travel, ranging from self- love to self-discovery. In this article, we will discover some of the best reasons why we need to travel. And ultimately, why we can save more time travelling than not travelling, and traveling than buying more. Travel gives a sense of purpose. When you are stuck with the daily reality of work, the daily grind and the difficulties of life, I guess you just want to have some time for yourself where you can assess all of your life principles. Furthermore, traveling offers a wide variety of diversion. In this fast paced world, where everything is measured by deadlines and due dates, where everything is valued for how much they cost and not for what’s their worth. We tend to be overwhelmed by societal pressures and expectations to work hard and reap better paying jobs. When we cannot live to this promise and expectations, we feel drained. We begin to compares ourselves to others. Then we begin to lose track of what’s more important, our inner balance, and our child spirit. When that balance is gone, and when what is left is a stressed out body and soul, we begin to become irritated and depressed. Travelling offers this healing. In fact, this world is full of mythical legends and wonderful views, and new beautifully crafted stories and places that can help us renew our perceptions about life. Travelling is a healing way to get off from the harsh realities of life, when you are in a remote place far from the place where you have always woken up to, you begin to rekindle the child that is in you. The kind of wanderlust that fills your human body. When you are far from the source of your stress, you begin to feel new energy to fill your ravishing hungry soul. Travelling is also a better alternative to controlling your shopping and hoarding disorders. Yes it is very understandable that some of us might be diagnosed with a personality disorder that we cannot control, but some of us, even if we do not have this, are just so obsessed with buying things and feeling a self-worth every time we buy an expensive wallet or a very famous scarf or a branded shirt. Let’s face it, each one us is guilty about this and because we are guilty, we tend to divert our loneliness to material things hoping that they will fill the emptiness we feel because of so many societal expectations and pressures we put in ourselves, all of us are  guilty but yet all of us are victims. So, instead of fighting the urge to buy that new black dress or that dazzling pair of boots. Why not give in to the temptation of travelling to a new place and also try new things and activities. Ask yourself, where would I want to go if I follow my guts? Will eating gelato in the streets of Italy, taking a swim in the beaches of the Philippines or enjoying a nightlife in the beautiful streets of hongkong give me the peace I long. Travelling lets you discover yourself. Cut and away from all those distraction and busy life lights. Travelling gives you the way to unlock personalities that are actually helpful in making you know who you really are. It makes you begin to discover that you might be really an impatient person when your flight gets delayed, something you would not know when you are just working because you are too afraid of your boss opinions towards your difficult behavior. Or it might show how strong you care for yourself by realizing that during your travel intervals, you always look after yourself and care for your own safety. It also allows you to miss the people you love, or your lover, who knows it might even be a way to realize your feelings towards someone, and their impact to you, if they don’t matter, you won’t be thinking so much about them, while you already relish in the beauty of the views before your eyes. It also shows you how awesome just the world is, with different cultures, personalities and behaviors that surround the beauty of our planet. At the end, travelling is for you, It is the treat you give yourself for being the awesome human being that you are, as a daughter/son, mother/Father and friend to the people you share your breaths in this world with. So, while you are young and strong, you should travel more.    

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